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Every year there are approximately 6 million pregnancies in the US.

Nearly 1 in 10 women will deliver a premature baby. This rate has not improved in over 40 years.

Despite advances in many aspects of maternal care, preterm birth remains a significant public health problem. Preterm deliveries place immense stress on mothers and families, and a premature baby is at risk of lifelong complications. The healthcare costs are staggering — over $26 billion per year in the US alone. Payors and employers face 20x more in healthcare costs for premature births versus full-term births. And the most concerning cases, babies born at less than 32 weeks’ gestation (called “very preterm birth”), are referred to as “million dollar babies” due to their immense health risks and costs of care.

How can women, families, employers, and payors combat this problem? Immediate identification of at-risk women and early and action-able intelligence and reporting to physicians. In tandem, these can reduce the likelihood (and cost) of preterm birth.


How significant is maternal healthcare for your business, and how can Nixxi help?

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The Nixxi Platform

Offering cutting-edge and cost-effective maternal coverage to emloyees and insureds


• Digital screening test conveniently performed from patient’s home

• Testing available at pre-conception or at beginning of pregnancy

• Accurately identifies risk of general preterm delivery (< 37 weeks’ gestation)

• Cost-effective testing of insureds/employees to identify at-risk women


• Extensive reporting and risk insights on a patient based on her specific health history

• Synthesis of best practices for managing risks and designing a custom care plan

• Report designed by MFM physicians, for all physicians, to optimize pregnancy care


• Blood test performed as early as late first trimester

• Accurately identifies the highest risk cases of preterm delivery (very preterm birth or < 32 weeks’ gestation)

• Early identification optimizes clinicians’ ability to manage patient care and risk

What is the Nixxi Difference?


Built by Maternal Fetal Medicine Physicians

Cost-effective Population Management


Designed to Maximize Patient Engagement

Advances the Standard of Care to Improve Pregnancy Outcomes and Reduce Costs

Nixxi’s products are a straightforward and impactful addition to your existing employee and insured benefit plans.

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Interested in Offering PopNatal and Other Nixxi Products to Your Employees or Insureds?